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Co-Supervision Agreement

Published: Thursday, 01 August 2019 10:45

General Instructions

Doctoral students of UFPA are entitled to co-supervision. Usually, it is an option of students who are enrolled in a sandwich PhD program abroad.

Students enrolled in a doctoral program at a foreign university who come to Brazil for a sandwich PhD in a postgraduate program of UFPA are also entitled to co-supervision.

The co-supervision must be planned by the student and the supervisors from both universities, in compliance with the rules of each institution.

The Co-Supervision and Joint Degree agreement complies with the following norms of UFPA:

  1. Resolution no. 01/2001 of the National Education Council - Establishes norms for the functioning of postgraduate programs.

Resolution no. 3870/2009 - Institutes the General Regulation for the Master’s and Doctoral Programs offered by UFPA.

Regulation of the Postgraduate Program (NAME).

The process of approval of the Doctoral Dissertation Co-supervision and Joint Degree Agreement follows the stages below:

  1. The supervisors from UFPA and the foreign institution approve the co-supervision;
  2. The Management Committee of the Postgraduate Program (PPG) of UFPA approves the co-supervision;
  3. The process is sent to the General Recording Office. The necessary documents are:

3.1 Letter from the Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program to the Office of the Vice Provost for International Relations (PROINTER), forwarding the matter;

3.2 Minutes from the Management Committee of the Postgraduate Program, approving the co-supervision and the joint degree;

3.3 Letter of agreement from the supervisors;

3.4 Term of Agreement for the Co-Supervision of a Doctoral Dissertation and Joint Degree (1 copy in Portuguese and 1 copy in the foreign language) Model of Doctoral Dissertation Co-supervision and Joint Degree Agreement (Portuguese) and Model of Co-supervision and Joint Degree Agreements - Foreign Languages (Portuguese/Foreign Language).  If necessary, the applicant is responsible for the translation of the agreement into the language of the foreign university;

3.5 In case of a foreign student, the postgraduate program enrolls him/her as a “regular student”;

3.6 Academic transcript;

3.7 Work plan or dissertation project;

3.8 Information on the source of resources that will be used to pay for the joint examination committee, if necessary.

  1. PROINTER receives the process to check the documentation and to write a technical opinion;
  2. PROINTER sends it to the President and the President signs it;
  3. PROINTER sends the signed agreement to the foreign university;
  4. The foreign university sends the signed agreement back to UFPA (PROINTER);
  5. PROINTER sends the agreement to the postgraduate program, which stores the process up to the student’s defense (after the diploma is issued, the process must be sent to the General Filing Office).

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